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If you are between the ages of 50 and 65 and you are going to be looking for health insurance or are looking for health insurance you need some help. This is a tough age (of course what age is not starting with the terrible twos) because you are at a prime age to start developing health problems. Statistically speaking and statistics is the only language insurance companies speak, the insurance company can predict that they are going to spend more on 50-65 year old than a 20-45 year old. For that reason premiums are much higher for the older person.

But, we Baby Boomers are a smart group and where there is a will, there is a way. So let's look at some of the options:

If you currently have a job and are looking to retire or start your own business, you have a couple of avenues you can investigate. First you can inquire if your company will let you buy health insurance through the company plan. If your company will let you do this your employer (assuming we are talking early retirement) may subsidize part of your promotions. If not, you still get group rates which are a whole lot cheaper than individual rates. If you are married and your spouse is still working strongly considering adding yourself to his / her plan if that option is available to you.

The next option (if you currently have a job which provides health insurance) is COBRA or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. COBRA lets former employees and their dependents continue their employer's group coverage for up to 18 months. The best thing about COBRA is it is guaranteed. Your former employer's insurer can not turn you down even if you have a chronic medical condition. The worst thing about COBRA is the cost. Your employer generally covers 70% or more of your health insurance premium. With COBRA you have to pay the whole premium plus administrative costs. Industry surveys estimate based on an average premium (for 2007), a former employee would have to pay more than $ 373 a month for individual coverage and more than $ 1,008 a month for family coverage.

If you are not currently employed by a company who provides health insurance there are still choices for you. If you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure you can receive coverage through a state high-risk health program designed to help those with medical conditions that prevent them from getting insurance. Again because like COBRA the promotions can be quite high.

You can also check out professional organizations that you could join or are already affiliated with to see if they offer health insurance policies for members. Because these are group plans, the promotions may be less than what you would pay in the individual market.

Finally, there is the individual health insurance option. There has been some progress in terms of offerings of policies for the 50-65 year age group market mainly because insurers see this age group as a potential growth market. Many Baby Boomers are in good health and have higher income than younger people. Also insurance companies hope that retirees will still purchase their products, such as supplemental insurance, even after they're eligible for Medicare. Some of policies currently offered may have premiums as low as $ 200 per month for people who are in good health and willing to pay a high deductible. Many insurance advice columnists recommend combining a high deductible individual health insurance policy with a health savings account. HSA contributions are made with pretax dollars, and any money left over in the account at the end of the year is rolled over for future use. Withdrawals are not taxed if used for qualified medical expenses.

A lack of exercise, limited mobility, and not eating right can significantly increase your risk of health problems. That risk gets higher as you get older. Now is the time to invest in your health and well-being so you can stay active and have a good quality of life. Hiring a personal trainer is a good place to start.

There are too many things that have to be changed for the average person to get on target with diet and exercise. Planning meals, planning workouts, making time for exercise and more can be a struggle. A lack of good information can also mean time and money wasted on the wrong forms of exercise and the wrong foods. With a personal trainer, get results.

Expertise and Customised

They have the ability when it comes to diet and exercise to help you get the most from your workout sessions. They can answer any questions you may have too. Some women fear they will bulk up if the lift weights and they can help you explore it to define muscles and to cut fat.

Some men are frustrated because they have low energy levels and some limited physical abilities. This doesn’t mean you can’t workout though and have some great progress in motion Your personal trainer is going to help you to customise a plan of action you enjoy and that will get you results. They take all of your factors into consideration to get that plan created.

Learning Experience

The right type of exercises for your goals is a great way for you to get results. They can take your body type and other factors into consideration and help you create the right type of workout to take part in. They can guide you and show you the right technique with those exercises. This is important because doing them wrong can result in injuries and hinder results. Learn the right methods.

You may not have much motivation and you may lack confidence in your ability to change the way you look. It can be hard to get your body moving and you will have their support. They are going to help you get over hurdles, keep you moving forward, and push you to do just a bit more when you are ready to give up.

It is a wonderful learning experience to help you change your mindset, your body, and your future. You should work with them until you are at a point where you can continue the behaviours on your own without giving up. The changes should become a part of your daily routine as the weeks go by. They will tell you when they feel you are ready to be turned loose!


The cost of a personal trainer varies depending on who you hire, the number of sessions, and the length of each session. They are more affordable though than you might think. If you assume you can’t afford their help, think about the medical costs due to poor health and what that will cost. Think about the need for ongoing care and medications.

Consider what you pay for a personal trainer to be a wise investment in you and your future. Don’t overlook the value that exercise and eating well can do for your mind as well as your body. You can reduce stress, sleep better, and improve overall mood. There are too many benefits to not look into hiring a personal trainer to get you on the right path.

If you have spent any time at a spa or a resort, you may already have contacted infrared saunas. Infrared saunas, unlike more traditional models that use stoves to provide heat, will heat the objects and the people in the sauna, rather than the air.

They can be used outdoors or indoors and many people find that without the humidity that is always present with traditional saunas, that they are significantly more comfortable.

Essentially, the sauna puts out a frequency of light that is invisible to the human eye and uses it to provide heat. If you are interested in infrared saunas, take a look below to see some of the benefits that they can provide you with.

As mentioned above, infrared saunas can be quite beneficial for people who have breathing problems. The steam and the humidity of traditional saunas can make them difficult to use for people who have breathing difficulties like asthma.

The dry heat and the ability to breathe are clearly quite impressive in an infrared sauna, and for this reason, many people prefer them. When I first used an infrared sauna I was sitting in it for about fifteen minutes thinking what a bunch of crap this is – then literally within another few minutes I started to have beads of water coming through my skin.

I had used traditional saunas in the past and yes I did sweat but nothing like this. I mean my whole body was covered in bubbles of water. This was amazing to me because I was also able at the same time to read my book and not feel uncomfortable in extreme heat like I do when using a traditional sauna.

The health benefits of this are many. One is the heat penetrates deeper which helps your body to detox. Because it penetrates deeper it reaches the internal organs and muscle tissue. This helps to release toxins and boosts your immune system.

This can also be very beneficial when treating conditions such as arthritis. Beyond that an infrared sauna can help you loose weight that's of course if you are not eating a pizza and drinking a beer while in the sauna.

Finally it also works wonders on your skin and improves your complexion as it promotes better circulation and can draw oxygen to the surface of the skin.

The busy life we ​​are living today is taking its toll on our body and causing many health concerns. In this article we are mainly concerned with the low libido or lack of sexual desire in women. Let us find out the causes and the ways through which women can overcome this problem.


Women these days live a very stressful life which gives them very little time to recover from the stress. For example they not only have to keep their office up to date but also look after daily home chores and then worry about rising inflation. All this work is bound to make her tired and there is no energy left for sex at the end of the day which can sometimes cause problems in a relationship.

Overcoming Low Libido

The good thing about this problem is that if you follow some simple lifestyle changes you can again increase your sexual desire. The first thing you can do in this regard is to start taking minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep so that your body can recover and repair itself from the rough work it has gone through in the day.

One can also take the help of natural herbs which have mood enhancing properties as well as help in enhancing sexual desire. These herbs are generally available in pill or capsule and can be taken as daily supplements. Herbal medicines do not cause any side effects instead will help in improving your overall health. Alongside these things you should also start exercising, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and smoking, and eat home cooked food as often as possible as it provides the body with all required nutritional content.

Health insurance policies differ from country to country. Many affordable health insurance companies in the U.S. are very competitive, and this competition is beneficial for consumers. For selecting an affordable health insurance plan, you can rely on online quotes that are easy and fast. Privacy is the major issue for many consumers who prefer affordable health insurance quotes online. Most online insurance quote websites in the U.S. provide links to others, thereby hampering your privacy. Ensure that the personal information requested online by a health insurance company is used only to determine the customer?s benefits and options.

Most health insurance plans available in the U.S. are designed for individuals and families currently residing in America. Green card, H1, H4, F1 and F2 visa holders are also eligible for U.S. health insurance plans at affordable rates. The maximum limit of a U.S. health insurance policy is $8 million. The coverage options of U.S. health insurance plans include prescription drugs, dental, vision, pregnancy and child birth benefits. There are different individual health insurance plans to meet the needs of employers, labor unions and professionals, and the premiums for these plans are much lower than other policies.

Health insurance in the U.S. is flexible, affordable, guaranteed and renewable. Many insurance companies in America offer affordable health insurance plans and they allow consumers to choose their doctor, hospital and specialist. Many of these companies also provide high-quality health care insurance coverage. Most affordable health insurance companies in the U.S. only provide individual policies and not group or association owned plans. These health insurance policies provide lifetime benefits and financial protection.

We all know that women’s health issues are always considered something very important, as they have to give birth and maintain their health. But, when it comes to men’s health people are not much interested in it. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter, as it matter equally as than women’s health. Men are no doubt very different than woman, which means that their needs are also different when it comes to maintaining better health. The diet and exercise both matters a lot for keeping a man healthy throughout his life, hence making him fit in his older years also.

If you are a man, know that most of the food items you love eating are actually not very healthy for you. While some of them may be dangerous for you, and when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle it is very important to add foods in your life which can make you healthy. With a proper diet and exercise routine you can also lower down your risks of heart attacks and any kind of cancer.

Here today I am going to tell you about some foods which can help you maintain a healthy body and mind. So, make sure that you add them in your diet.

1. Oysters

I am sure that many of you are shocked by this, but know that health experts have made this food item must if you are willing to have a very healthy sexual life. They are filled with anti-oxidants and zinc, that will help you stay energetic throughout the day. Zinc is a very important nutrient that helps your body to repair dead cells and produce DNA.

2. Bananas

You can surely go bananas over bananas! They are the best source for quick energy and are extremely rich in potassium which helps in regulating a normal heart beat and blood pressure. Diets that are normally rich in potassium and magnesium will help to reduce your chances of heart stroke. Eating bananas also aid your immune system. Make sure that you add bananas in your diet, not only they can satisfy your craving for a sweet thing, but will provide you with tons of benefits also.

3. Fatty

I am sure that you may have not heard about it somewhere else, but keep in mind that the healthy fat and omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most required nutrients by the body. They can help increase the health of your heart, lower down your risks of strokes, and prostate cancer. You can choose from salmon, tuna, sardines and herring according to your taste. It is recommended that you should eat fish twice a week for best health benefits.

4. Broccoli

Now, it’s really weird that many people eat it because of different reasons, but today after knowing the benefits it is packed of will impress you a lot to add it in your diet plan forever. This is one of the best super foods that you can get in any season. If you don’t like its taste, then you can switch to Cabbage, Brussles Sprouts and even Bok Choy. These veggies are filled with vitamin-C and sulphoraphane which are strongly filled with anti cancerous properties.

5. Brazil Nuts

Not only these buts make a great snack, but also you can add them in your diet for a good supply of magnesium and selenium and some anti oxidants which can help you prevent heart diseases and cancers, including prostate cancer. These nuts also reduce bad cholesterol, and increase your heart’s health.

Every second person you speak to seems complaining or suffering from some sort of cardiovascular issues. Measuring blood pressure indicates the force against the wall of the arteries, as well the pumping of the heart.

Most people are of the opinion that salt is the biggest culprit for cardiovascular disease, or at least they’ve been told so? The theory that salt is bad for you and increases heart disease is an old hat and been proven wrong for decades. To reduce salt too much has had a number of draw backs and is affecting other things in your body.

There is strong evidence, that not salt is the main issue for high blood pressure but incorrect potassium to sodium balance is. Not having the right balance between the two of them increases the risk for hypertension and heart disease by far more than salt or high levels of sodium alone.

Which Salt?

Most people are not aware of the fact that potassium is an essential mineral which plays an important role in regards to your blood pressure. What matters is the balance between salt and potassium. The first step: Replace the refined table salt with natural salt for a better balance of potassium. As salt is getting the blame for high blood pressure, sugar and trans fats are far worse and having the most impact for cholesterol and heart disease.

Lacking Potassium

In general, our diet being the biggest amount of processed foods consumed by many, which is lacking of potassium. To lower salt levels in processed foods, monosodium glutamate (MSG) being added to processed food, two things happened: This enhanced the flavor in foods and reduced the salt, but created a number of other health problems. What this meant, processed food with all its preservatives, flavor enhancer (MSG) etc. which in general gives the average person twice as much sodium as potassium. As well the other thing is mineral and magnesium deficiency, of which is very little found in processed food; this is also damaging your heart and arteries. Magnesium is critical for healthy blood pressure and is too often lacking in our daily diet. Magnesium also helps lower blood volume, supports blood vessels and keeps the arteries smooth and elastic.

What We Eat

As we know too many processed foods are the trigger point for most illnesses. These foods are high in refined sugar, refined sodium, trans – fats which is the main cause for high blood pressure. Changing to a more natural diet will improve overall condition including lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. We should eat more of the leafy greens, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, avocados, natural Creek yogurt, wild caught salmon, fish oil etc. Another one is grape seed extract which is an excellent blood pressure support. As grapes are high in fructose which can worsen insulin and leptin resistance. Using grape seed extract will not affect the insulin level, it will help blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Such foods that have a high amount of potassium, magnesium and minerals to lower blood pressure, as well to improve your overall health, are a safe, natural comprehensive protection without any side effects. Medical research has discovered literally thousands of healing nutrients in foods.

Food is the cause of most of our health problems, and food is also the solution. The most important step to a healthy life is the change to a healthy diet! Also, a safe measure and protection to add a good multi supplement that has a variety of minerals and all the nutrients.

Medication Needs

Reducing medication to avoid some of the risky side effects even from warfarin, people have looked to aspirin for daily heart support. Taking aspirin every day for blood thinning and to reduce stroke risk is not a cure or a satisfactory alternative.

Although, aspirin is not as harmful as many other medications, aspirin is a natural pain reliever and one of the safest ones to use, as well it lowers fever and inflammation. Some of the later research has found that aspirin is not the answer for blood pressure and thinning of blood as previous thought.

Some medication may be excepted for short-term use. The longer to stay on medication the higher becomes the risk factor and the increase of side effects.

Veterinary visits average for most pet owners to be about twice a year. The cost for these visits will be about two hundred and fifty dollars. Owning a cat is often cheaper. When an animal need special visits and medication for a visit this can cost a lot more.

If you do have a pet that requires extra care, health insurance can be great to have. It is nice to be covered for other services as well, such as an emergency. Pet health care is similar to your health care. There are yearly or monthly premiums and reimbursement for covered services.

Looking for the right health insurance provider for you pet can be simplified by using the internet. You can compare the different companies and receive quotes. When finding the best price, make sure the provided care is enough.

Comparing the different companion animal health insurance companies can help you find the right one for you and your pet. Make a list of the things you want from the insurance company to help you choose. Write down the things that matter most to you, such as low deductibles. Make sure the company covers the things you need as well.

When you make your list of what you need from an insurance company, figure out which things are the most important. Many of the insurance companies out there will not offer everything that you want. It is important to buy a policy that is affordable as well.

One of the best ways to shop for pet health insurance is online. You can search the individual websites to find policy details. The company that will fit you and your animal the best is going to be the one that covers the things you need it to. The most important services need to be covered without overcharging on the premiums.

One of the most important considerations when choosing the health insurance for your pet is whether or not the veterinarian will accept it. Contact your veterinarian and find out if they accept the insurance before you purchase it. They might be able to recommend a good insurance company as well. An unusable policy will not help you or your pet.

Two extremely irritating quotes that screech across the chalkboard of my conscience have been the most stimulating weight loss words in my life.

"Eat to live, not live to eat!"

I do not know who said it, but I first saw this phrase on a refrigerator magnet, featuring a hefty-looking pig. It was given to the person who lost the least amount of weight in our weight loss club, and the magnet changed hands from week to week. The pig was a real motivator, partly because no one wanted to accept the humbling "prize," but mostly because it was good advice!

When I find my scales tipping the wrong way, it's because my hourly thoughts are consumed by where I'm going to eat this weekend, what sounds good for supper, or wherever I have enough Peanut M & M's to munch my way through the day. I live to eat!

The main focus of my life should not be food. I should be eating just enough so that I am no longer hungry-and hunger pangs between meals is not a bad thing. That is the promise of the Weigh Down Diet, an inspirational weight loss book written by dietician Gwen Shamblin.

Gwen encourages readers to begin a small group book study, focusing on weight loss and spiritual support. Her weight loss plan is simple-eat smaller helpings, find support in like-minded people, and find your motivation in God. I've seen the results in one of our local churches. Like most good weight loss programs, it works-if you follow the plan. Eat to live!

"… Whose god is their belly" (Phillipians 3:18)

What a humbling analogy that I stumbled across in my Bible reading! Is that what my rolls of fat says to the world … I worship food so much that I can not get enough of it? To me, that paintings a picture of an extremely large person located at a 24-hour buffet table, who never gets up to leave. He can barely breathe, yet he keeps stuffing more food into his mouth. The analogy libraries an addiction that will certainly lead to an early grave.

Is that me? Is that where I'm headed? Sometimes that is an extreme picture, and most of us have not reached that point.

But if my my belly is my "god," it still means that food is my main focus in life. What caused my focus to become so imbalanced and unhealthy? What took my thoughts off of helping other people and making a positive difference in the world?

Stress is usually the culprit behind excess weight gain. And allowing ourselves to fall into depression is the most common response to stress-which adds to our stress. This creates a downward spiral in our emotional and physical health which actually causes our bellies to get fatter!

Dr. Pamela Peeke addresses the fact that stress causes fat to form around our bellies. In her easy-to-read book, Fighting Fat After Forty, she offers a highly detailed description of your body's internal response to emotional upheaval-and how damaging stress can be.

In a nutshell, Peeke's book tells readers how we must change our response to stress. She then gives very specific and practical guidelines for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The book is based on research from the National Institutes of Health, and includes case studies of clients who have looked out Peeke's assistance.

I have found this book to be extremely helpful in pursuing my own fitness goals, and lost 10 pounds in my first month of applying the principles from her book (which may not be the case for everyone).

Keeping a Journal: Chart Your Weight Loss

Weight loss experts say that keeping a food journal and an exercise journal is very important in a weight loss program. Dr. Peeke says that keeping a journal provides "valuable feedback about how we are learning to care for ourselves."

If you are reading this article, you probably desire a healthy lifestyle; You want to look and feel good. Now that's the kind of motivation that gets results. Your journal will serve as a travel diary toward your destination-a written record of the smooth highways on which you made good progress (weight loss) and those back roads that slowed you down with detours and potholes (too many calories and not enough calorie- Burning).

What should your journal include?

Your Exercise Journal:

O Type of aerobic exercise

O Type of weight-bearing exercise

O Number of minutes or reps

O Distance walked or ridden on bike

O Comments about the weather or feelings

Your Food Journal

O Write down each meal, and each snack, being as specific as possible

O Keep track of daily calories, using a calorie counter

O Keep track of fat grams, for each food eaten

Here is the ultimate fitness tool that combines your exercise journal with your food journal, and lets you to keep track of not only your weight, but also how many inches you have lost-which is what really counts!

Http:// is a unique fitness web site that provides a quick, easy way for your family members (or friends) to track their progress.

The original fitness software program has received top reviews, in providing the most complete picture of your progress. Printable weight loss charts and graphs offer hard evidence of your efforts over the course of a week, month or year, showing which meal plan has worked best for you, and which exercises have had the most proven results.

The web site lets you select the specific foods and supplements you have ateen, and automatically calculates your intake of calories and fat grams.

If you are part of a weight loss support group or member of a fitness center, you will want to check out the Open Fitness web site.

I trust you have found something here to motivate you. Some weight loss groups offer money incentives-if you lose weight over the course of a week, you do not have to pay the collective pot. If you gain weight, however, you pay!

That has never worked for me-I just get discouraged and publicly humiliated! Keeping a written log of my weight loss and fitness journey is the motivation I need. True, a journal forces me to focus on eating. But it also reminds me that food (combined with exercise) is simply the necessary fuel to reach and maintain a healthy life.