The Light and Creamy Ointment With Numerous Uses

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Chickweed is a plant that is commonly grown for human consumption, animal feed and to make herbal remedies. Many people also took the plant from their homes in Europe when they relocated. They used it to fill bare areas with the quick-growing flowering weed and for medicinal use. As a home remedy, it is commonly used for stomach upset and other issues, but one of its most beneficial uses is as a skin treatment.

Soothe Itching Skin

Chickweed is a natural way to soothe psoriasis, eczema and even the itching caused by scabies. The light, creamy ointment goes on smoothly and does not leave behind any unpleasant odor. Using this ointment in place of traditional moisturizing creams may help to alleviate dry skin faster as well. It is safe to apply as often as needed and is even suitable for the scalp.

Calm Injured Skin

Some people receive relief from injury with the use of a chickweed ointment. Applying it to bruises, cuts, and boils or abscesses may help to soothe the burning pain and reduce the swelling to increase the rate of healing.

Comfort Aching Joints

Arthritis sufferers and anyone with a joint injury should apply the ointment liberally to the area causing them distress. The anti-inflammatory properties of chickweed help to provide effective drug-free pain relief. The cream is safe to use over large areas of the skin and to reapply whenever the pain begins to return.

Treat Insect Bites

Itchy bug bites and painful stings are both relieved with the use of chickweed. Prevent secondary infections from repeated scratching by stopping the itch quickly. It is even safe to use on young children.

There are very few risks associated with the use of chickweed ointments. People with severe weed allergies may have reactions to this cream, so always test it out on a small area first. It is easy to find and harvest chickweed nearly anywhere. This is something that many people do to create an emergency poultice or for making tea. However, buying a prepared cream is the easiest option for obtaining the safest, smoothest product for topical use.